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Monitors snoring and let you setup custom warnings. Watch graphics and decide the best settings. Improve your sleep quality and that of your partner.

An App for snorers and for non snorers who are suffering from their partners

An App for snorers and for non snorers

Partners suffering from the snoring of their partners can also use this App, to let their partners know about how much, how loud and when they are snoring. The "My nights" option let partners monitor at what time they were awaken and compare it to the number of snores at that given point of time.

App for Snore Partners

Partners can monitor the snoring in their bed room. In case they are awaken and just by shifting their phone the App will track at what time they did it and show it in a graphic together with the number of snores. This way snorers and partners can see the amount of snoring that has produced the awakening and also the number of awakenings at that night.

Monitor awakenings due to snoring of your partner

A menu let you access the multiple breath time snoring graphics

Inspiration / Expiration snore time dashboard

As like as all the other settings, the App offers a dedicated menu to this feature. From within this Menu users can access the many snoring graphics and snoring report results of their night.

Snore loudness menu

From this menu we access all snore sound level graphics and personal reports. Users can select among an all night graphic (minute by minute or every hour) with the total ammount of snores at that time and their noise level. An other graphic shows the relation of snores, how many very loud, how many snores were loud and how many less. Graphics show percentage of very loud snores related to the other snores. There is still another 4-graphic screen where users can see when the different snore sound levels happened and help them understand how noisy they are at what point of time.

The results of the study were very impressive in my opinion. In order to understand the results, let me tell you exactly what the researchers were observing. First of all, they kept track of the exact amount of snoring each subject did during every hour of sleep.Second, they observed how rested or tired each subject felt during the day. The subjects directly answered questions about that.The third factor that was measured using one of Snorek App to analyse snoringwhere the number of sleep disturbances in relation to the number of hours spent sleeping can be tracked. This third factor is one of the major ones that are observed when diagnosing or treating any form of sleep apnea. The findings of this study even impressed the researchers. What they found was that the number of sleep disturbances each subject experienced was cut beyond the point of clinical effectiveness, whether the subject had sleep apnea or just a severe snoring problem. If you know anything about sleep apnea then you already know that it takes a very powerful solution to see any kind of positive results. In most test subjects, sleep disturbances were almost completely eradicated. In other words, they slept soundly for most or all of the night. The amount of snoring each subject did really dropped as well. On average, snoring was reduced by 40%. Keep in mind that this was a group made up of sleep apnea sufferers and those with a serious snoring problem. Some of the test subjects completely stopped snoring.

Monitor snoring sound level with graphics and personal reports

Simplified dashboard with snoring facts

Simplified dashboard with snoring facts

It offers and easy mode and an advanced mode. Still the user experience is enhanced with many details to inform the user. Either if the enhancements are enabled, subscribed, being cancelled, purhcased or not, the App counts with an extremely friendly user interface to let you focus on your sleep and snoring.

Extended dashboard with snoring parameters

Taping on the cells on the screen you will access an additinal level of information, with more parameters and facts. All of them have a graphic that shows you your snoring profile over night. For all types of users. For those who want more and those who want less. Full of explanations and graphic details to let you make the most of snore partner app.

Extended dashboard with snoring parameters

The App counts with help screens at every possible page to explain the user what to do and what to expect

Full of help screens

User friendly App with help screens at every stage. Users can read and know about all features and graphics.

Ready for social media

Share your snoring graphics for latter analysis or to let others know about Stop Snoring App

The app let users share their snoring graphs and save them for latter analysis

A graphic showing when at night your snoring is very loud and when not disturbing

Graphics: Snore noise level over night

This graphic shows you how you are snoring at what point of time at night. It is an overview to help you understand if your snoring is louder when you go to bed or latter at night. With this information you can set up the App to warn you in that particular circumstances that worries you.

Graphic: Inspiration / Expiration time

Sleep Apnea can produce very short inspiration / expiration breath times but also very long ones. With this graphic users can see how much time is there between two snores as an indication of possible sleep apneas. The graphic shows in colors the duration between two snores. Red ones mean that the users has been more than 90 seconds to snore from the previous one and green, that the snores are separated by less than ten seconds (regular breath time while sleeping)

Watch an all night graphic with the time between two snores duration and related inspiration / expiration time (possible sleep apnea)

Select the maximum time between two snores. Watch results in graphics latter

Inspiration / Expiration snore duration

The App measures the time between two snores as an indication of the inspiration / expiration breath time. Graphics show the time between two snores and how often they happen. Users can watch their results and use these settings to enable a snore warning, only when their snores are separated by a certain amount of time. This helps users to make sure that in case that they could be breathing too slow, the App would warn them and help them correct this situation. Uses can change their position or at least continue breathing normally.

Snoring settings

Users can set up when they want to be warned using these FREE settings. Through this settings page users can decide in which time frame they want to be warned, wether they want to be warned so many times (1,5,10 or 100 at maximum for example) or even only after having snored for a certain number of times.

FREE Settings to enable snore warnings.

A drawer menu provides a simplified access to all App features

Extended drawer menu

Simplified access to all App featrues from the left drawer menu. This includes access to Test features (to try snore detection using pre-recorded snores and your smartphone), access to help screens, access to all snore graphics and personal snoring report and to the settings for each feature.

True App personalisation with multiple extended features

Users decide how much information they need to monitor their snoring. Additional to the FREE All-night snoring graphics, users can enable additinoal multiple features of their choise. When accessing graphics, users are given the opportunity to check sample ones or enable their personal results. Also from the left drawer menu it is possible to access all these features and enable / disable them. The more users want, the more they have.

True App personalisation with multiple extended features

Set up a personal snore noise level to trigger a warning to the user

Snore loudness trigger level

Some times is oursnore very loud. Depending on weather we did sport, drank alcohol or if we are very tired our snoring can be at different sleep phases at night very different. With this setting we can adjust when we think that we are too loud and when we want the App to warn us and stop snoring.

Snore loudness trigger level

One of the things that surprised the researchers the most was how many of the test subjects wanted to continue using the Snore Analysis App. Over 70% of those who tried it wanted to take one home so that they could use it every night. When the researchers asked them what the main reason why was, all the subjects mentioned that waking up feeling rested and continuing to have energy throughout the day were the major factors. All Snore Apps are not a tongue retaining mouthpiece but it is my personal snoring solution of choice. If you’ve spent any reasonable amount of time here on the site, then you already know I’ve tried literally every anti-snoring device I could get my hands on. Out of all the solutions I tried, the Snore Breath Analysis worked the best for me by far. However, I do not just want you to take my word for it. Read what I have to say about this little gadget and see if it might be the right solution for you too.


First and foremost, this thing is comfortable with a capital C. By the third night I could hardly feel it on my bed sleep. This is one of the things so many people love about the Stop Snoring App. It is extremely sensible and the break in time is next to zero. There is nothing about the design of this mouthpiece that will keep you from sleeping. It doesn’t cause any discomfort when it pulls your tongue forward and the material it is made out of is very soft to the touch. The second enormous benefit here, while it really should have been mentioned first, is how effective this solution is. When it comes to snoring solutions, the Snorek App has been proven to be one of the most effective devices ever created, even when compared to top of the line CPAP setups. This device has been used successfully by people who suffer from sleep apnea and it is also a very powerful solution for snorers who do not have OSA.

Snore Warnings type selection (sound or vibration)

We can adjust the type of warning from within the menu. Many settings are possible. Users can choose the sound of their choise (which could be a self recorded one) or any of the notification sounds of their telephone. It is also possible to choose vibration, which will make our phone or Android Wear watch vibrate for a short periode of time.

Different snoring warning types to quit snoring.